How to train your bibs

How to train your bibs

The bibs are the damnation of many assiduous and motivated visitors to the gyms. You are never satisfied with your bibs. Too round, too little developed in the central part, or in the upper part ... too flat. We are like women, sometimes, as if the size of our 'boobs' contributed to make us more attractive. In fact, personal opinion, the opposite is perhaps true. Well sculpted breastplates, not too bulky, would be preferable at least from an aesthetic point of view.

But how do you do it? How to set up a weight training that allows you to develop completely, and without putting too much weight on the pectoral muscles?

We premise that genetics plays a fundamental role. The shape of your bibs, their predisposition to develop more or less quickly, their strength, it all depends initially on the genetic heritage. But clearly we can deal with a piece with a properly set workout. Just know-how.

In this article, we will try to give you some useful tips to set, or correct, the training of the bibs. The objective of this article: tonic, sculpted, well-defined and developed pectorals also in the areas traditionally most lacking. The brute mass, in this case, not only does not interest us but we will try to avoid it.

For this reason, the weights will never be too high but must allow the correct execution of at least 15-12 repetitions for each series.

Recovery times should not exceed 45 seconds between sets.

The execution of the exercises must be taken care of, you will have to feel the muscle that works, and not worry about how the anadrol for sale. The choice of exercises is very important. We recommend choosing three exercises from those listed below, for 3-4 sets of 15-12 reps per exercise. Choose the rolling exercises, three each time.

  • Flat bench with barbell, medium grip

  • Push-ups (or push-ups) on the arms, better if with two handles, medium grip

  • Press with dumbbells on a 45-degree inclined bench

  • Press with dumbbells on a flat bench

  • Pullover with a dumbbell on a flat bench

  • Parallels with a horizontal torso with respect to the floor

Each time you exercise, choose three of these exercises and try to perform them as correctly as possible, at a controlled speed, without 'bouncing' the weights and without arching your back or using other methods to cheat. Proper execution is critical.

The chest exercises will try to fully stimulate the muscle group, but most of the effectiveness will depend not so much on the inclination or the type of exercise, as on your ability to contract and 'feel' the muscle that works.

Finally two words on the diet. A beautiful chest, perhaps even of the sculpted abs, is undoubtedly enhanced by a layer of subcutaneous fat that is as thin as possible. If you have well-shaped and toned breastplates, but covered with a layer of fat that hides them .... what are you doing? Nothing. So, in addition to properly training the bibs, also take care of the diet, you will not regret it.


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